OCG Season 8 – Spring Newsletter

Welcome to Orillia Community Gardens “OCG” Season 8 !

Fallow gardeners, it’s Thyme to Start your Seeds! Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and chives oh my ! We have a strawberry jam – packed newsletter full of exciting updates as we sprout into Spring 2016.

Organizational Update

OCG has an “Acting Board” of 6 individuals steering our membership and organization through a challenging process of incorporation as a Horticultural Society, in order for our long term viability, enabling us to better organize and respond effectively to the growing needs and requests for community food gardens in our hungry community. We really appreciate your patience and support as we evolve and determine our capacities for the coming season. We will alert you to our progress on this front and in thyme for you to join us for the first Annual General Meeting, when confirmed! Once established, we will look for new members to round out our board and to populate a number of diverse committees to support our volunteer initiatives around the community.  If you are interested in forming or joining a committee contact us! We are looking for individuals to help with – garden planning , garden tending, outreach, event planning, social media and communications, education and the seed library program, among other things!

Community Garden Policy for the City of Orillia

We are also eagerly anticipating the release of a draft community garden policy through a process initiated over a year ago by community partners including community gardeners, local public health officials, the Orillia Food Council, along with City officials. We will forward updates on this policy development as it continues. Feel free to contact your city councilor to alert them to this issue and grow their support for a well-funded and resourced community garden program. We have posted our draft recommendations here . Feel free to contact your Mayor and city councilors to ask for their support in adopting our recommendations as proposed – these recommendations were carefully crafted through extensive research over many years of community dialogue and input,  if implemented fully, would place Orillia at the head of community garden pack province-wide. Community gardens are an increasingly valuable public resource that are well-deserving of these modest investments and support.

Upcoming Events

1. April 10th, Sunday, 1-4pm at  St. Davids Church, 133 James St. W, – Spring Meet and Greet Potluck, all welcome!

2. April 23rd, Saturday, 9am-12:30 – 6th Annual Seedy Saturday Orillia @ the Orillia Farmer’s Market . Free seed exchange, seed vendors, kids activities, educational information displays and interactive workshop!

3. TENTATIVE (Please check back for confirmation or contact your councilor) – April 27th, Wednesday, 430-630pm – Tudhope Room @ Orillia City Hall – Open House to Discuss Backyard Hen Bylaw

4. April 30th, Saturday, 1-3pm – Scotts Garden Centre, Coldwater Rd. – Seed Starting for the Grow a Row Program w/ Information Orillia

5. TENTATIVE (Please check back with the Orillia Fairgrounds Farmer’s Market) – May 7th, 8-1pm Orillia Fairgrounds Farmer’s Market Seedy Saturday


If you’d like to volunteer – email us w/ subject line “Volunteer” and one of our volunteer coordinators will reply to your request. Specify whether you would like to join either the OCG newsletter and or OCG Volunteer list. If you’d like to learn more about growing with OCG this season – join us for our upcoming potluck meet and greet (all welcome, even if you have nothing to share!).  We have a list of volunteer roles and tasks on our website – as well as a lot of other useful information.


  • We have a Website https://orilliacommunitygardens.wordpress.com/
  • We have a Facebook page (with 377 like!) featuring daily gardening tips and updates – www.facebook.com/orilliacommunitygardens
  • We have a Facebook group (with 478 members!) join for informative community discussion and event invitations – https://www.facebook.com/groups/67069663352/
  •  We also have a twitter account (with 469 followers!) https://twitter.com/orilliagrows

    Seed you soon!
    in SOILidarity,
    Orillia Community Gardens


    Below is a picture representing some of the spring harvest (dated April 2, 2016), from over-wintered vegetables (red kale, baby cabbage, beets, carrots) in a community garden in Orillia. Nuts to those who say it’s too cold to grow our all our own food year round in the great white north! Not only is it possible – but it’s delicious! 



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