Orillia Community Gardens is a grassroots network of community gardens and gardeners. Our mission is to grow a sustainable and interconnected network of community gardens around the city.

A community garden is simply any plot of land gardened by a group of people.

Community gardens serve many important goals. Most importantly however in a time of increasing hunger, and a multidimensional food crisis, community gardens increase access to healthy sustainable food for all. These gardens beautify neighbourhoods and create habitat for biodiversity and rare food plants.

As a network of individuals and groups located all around Orillia, we can more easily communicate to share resources, news, events and opportunities for growing synergy.

Since the Spring of 2009 Orillia Community Gardens has inspired or assisted in the co creation of over half a dozen community gardens in the Orillia area and many more around the world, like Midland and Finland!

By growing community cohesion through the free production and sharing of healthy, empowering and lively food, community gardens have bean springing up at a quickening pace all around the City of Orillia, neighbouring towns and communities and all around the world.

Let us know, we are eager to help in whatever way we can!

To learn more or get directly involved lettuce contact! Email us at orilliacommunitygardens@hotmail.com


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