History of OCG

History of OCG

The growth of OCG has been steady over the years since we started in March of 2009. Community gardening and growing food in Orillia is not a new idea however. Indigenous people have been growing and harvesting food in this place for thousands of years, while the early settlers had to grow their own food to survive. Throughout it’s history Orillia has had a long and proud food culture. While during the latter part of the twentieth century this culture was in decline, it appears food and gardening is making a comeback. We are determined to discover and celebrate this forgotten history and learn from the past to grow a healthy vibrant future. 

Below is a documented history of OCG in local media.

“Proposal for a community garden floated” March 2009  http://www.orilliapacket.com/2009/03/07/proposal-for-a-community-garden-in-orillia-floated

“New project sprouts in Orillia” May 2009

“Feeding Community Physically, Spiritually” May 2009

“Orillians Striving For 10-Mile Diet Through Community Gardens” June 2010

“Turtles ‘Bless’ Community Plot” June 2010

“Gardens Take Root” June 2010

“From Park to Horn of Plenty” April 2011

“May Peas be with you, Orillia” May 2011

“Seedy Saturday Takes Root” February 2012

“Community Garden is Yours to Explore” July 2012

“Growing Interest in Community Gardens” June 2013

“How does your Garden Grow” June 2013

“Seed Library Sprouts in Orillia” July 2013

“Help Grow Orillia’s Food Future” October 2013

“Thanksgardening Weekend Community Garden Gives People Something to Eat” Oct 2013


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