Community Garden Policies

1. Guelph-Wellington Community Garden Best Practices Toolkit
Highly recommended backgrounder, community garden ‘how to’ booklit

2. Kingston Community Garden Policy

“The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for the development and operation of Community Gardens on municipally owned lands. This policy establishes the City’s role as a facilitator and provides a framework to ensure equal access for all residents.”

3. Peterborough Community Garden Policy

The City of Peterborough values and supports sustainable Community Gardens because they contribute to: economical, nutritious, and local food production; an appropriate use of open space; health and well-being; fitness and recreation; positive social interaction; strong neighbourhoods; environmental education; and increased self-reliance.

This Policy provides direction to establish and operate Community Gardens on City-owned or managed land.

4. Vancouver Community Gardens with Map
“Vancouver has over 75 community gardens, located in city parks, in school yards, on private property – and even one on the grounds of City Hall.”

5. Toronto Community Gardens Program
The Community Gardens Program is cultivating a dynamic community gardening movement across the City. Working in partnership with a wide variety of community groups, the program draws on the collective heritage from Toronto’s distinct cultures. Community gardens benefit everyone by creating safe and healthy recreational activity within our parks system, and on other City-owned lands.

Toronto Agriculture Program – “City of Toronto OK’s GrowTO Plan”
The GrowTO Plan – “Scaling up Urban Agriculture in Toronto”

6 Recommendations:

1. Link Growers to Land and Space
2. Strengthen Education and Training
3. Increase Visibility and Promotion
4. Add Value to Urban Gardens
5. Cultivate Partnerships
6. Develop Supportive Policies




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