Orillia Food Policy Proposals

Community Garden & Agriculture (Policy+Projects)

Orillia Community Gardens invites seedies input

We are drafting a Community Garden & Urban Agriculture Strategy to unveil at our big food event in February of the new year. At that point the community can offer final inputs before bringing it forth for final deliberations. With the support of the Orillia Food Council and Orillia City Council, staff and community, we are co-envisioning the future of food in Orillia.

It wood bee grape if you took a moment to consider the moist seedy implications of such a strategy and offer your seediest ideas!

If you are keen to share ideas or desire to participate in this community-led process connect with us at orilliacommunitygardens@hotmail.com and or comment in this thread with your questions or comments.

Look forward to future opportunities to participate in this process, we invite all to contribute their ideas for how we can improve/promote community gardening/growing food and nature together in Orillia… Peas join us in SOILidarity!


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