Here is a partial list of volunteer opportunities divided into seasonal gardening chores, and all year round tasks. Peas email orilliacommunitygardens@hotmail.com – subject line “Volunteer” if you can help in any of these areas.

NOTE: OCG Does not have a Volunteer Coordinator! Despite this, volunteers are invited to connect with gardeners around the city to self-organize direct gardening and other actions! If you’d like to bee a volunteer coordinator, contact us!

Seasonal Roles 

Spring Jobs: April and May

* Digging, moving and turning soil, preparing gardens

* Building raised beds, cold frames, greenhouses & other structures

* Starting and planting seeds/plants

Growing Season: May to September

* Planting / Transplanting

* Harvesting (food/seeds) + Distribution

* Weeding

* Watering

* Staking tomato and other plants

* Mulching

* Turning compost pile

* Arts & Crafts : Sign Making for plants  i.e: “Carrot Patch”

Harvest Season- September to October

* Harvesting + Distributing surplus food to The Sharing Place and other food programs

* Seed collection, saving, cleaning, sorting, packing for the Orillia Seed Library

* Help plan the garden “Harvest Celebration” potluck picnic

* Garden clean-up and preparation for the following season

* Fruit picking around Orillia with Fruit Share Orillia

Year Round Volunteer Roles: 

1. Outreach- Tabling/representing Orillia Community Gardens at community events such as the Orillia Farmers Market on occasional Saturdays from 8 a.m. – 12:30.

2. Event Organizer- Creating and advertising events in the community such as: annual Seedy Saturday’s, educational workshops, film screenings, meetings, garden work bees, potluck picnics and more collaboration with diverse community partners.

3. Social Media & Communications- Administrating social media accounts on Facebook, twitter, blog and composing community garden email newsletters.

4. Master Gardeners- Experienced gardeners who can lead workshops, teach new gardeners, assess and support new gardeners.

5. Advocates- Supporting the ‘Orillia Food Council’ – to develop food and community garden projects and policies for the City of Orillia.

6. Printing- Creation of information brochures, print resources, flyers and posters

7. Fundraising/Resource Gathering – Grant writing, seeking funds and resources for specific projects

8. Seed Packing & Cleaning for the Orillia Seed Library

Other Jobs

–  Design and build garden infrastructure (sheds, raised beds, greenhouses, signage etc.)

–  Drivers for car pooling, distribution of food and carrying tools and materials (especially needed is a trailer for delivery of compost and other large items)

All contributions are welcome and highly valued!



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