Here is a partial list of volunteer opportunities divided into seasonal gardening chores, and all year round tasks. Peas email orilliacommunitygardens@hotmail.com – subject line “Volunteer” if you can help in any of these areas .

Seasonal Roles 

Note:  During the growing season each OCG stewarded garden will aim to have at least one dedicated gardening time per week, (dependent on volunteer commitment) for example High Street Park Community Garden is traditionally every Wednesday from 3-6pm. At other times volunteers can simply show up at their own convenience, decide what needs to be done and just go ahead and do it!  Get on our newsletter to be notified by email as work bee’s are planned.  When attending the garden, please bring your own tools, harvest baskets and watering cans if you can.

Spring Jobs: April and May

* Digging, moving and turning soil, preparing gardens

* Building raised beds, cold frames, greenhouses & other structures

* Starting and planting seeds/plants

Growing Season: May to September

* Planting / Transplanting

* Harvesting (food/seeds) + Distribution

* Weeding

* Watering

* Staking tomato and other plants

* Mulching

* Turning compost pile

* Arts & Crafts : Sign Making for plants  i.e: “Carrot Patch”

Harvest Season- September to October

* Harvesting + Distributing surplus food to The Sharing Place and other food programs

* Seed collection, saving, cleaning, sorting, packing for the Orillia Seed Library

* Help plan the garden “Harvest Celebration” potluck picnic

* Garden clean-up and preparation for the following season

* Fruit picking around Orillia with Fruit Share Orillia

Year Round Volunteer Roles: 

1. Outreach- Tabling/representing Orillia Community Gardens at community events such as the Orillia Farmers Market on occasional Saturdays from 7:30 a.m. – 12:30.

2. Event Organizer- Creating and advertising events in the community such as: educational workshops, film screenings, meetings, garden work bees, potluck picnics and more collaboration with diverse community partners.

3. Social Media & Communications- Administrating social media accounts on Facebook, twitter, blog and composing community garden email newsletters.

4. Master Gardeners- Experienced gardeners who can lead workshops, teach new gardeners, assess and support new gardeners.

5. Advocates- Supporting the ‘Orillia Food Council’ – to develop food and community garden projects and policies for the City of Orillia.

6. Printing- Creation of information brochures, print resources, flyers and posters

7. Fundraising/Resource Gathering – Grant writing, seeking funds and resources for specific projects

8. Seed Packing & Cleaning for the Orillia Seed Library

Other Jobs

–  Design and build garden infrastructure (sheds, raised beds, greenhouses, signage etc.)

–  Drivers for car pooling, distribution of food and carrying tools and materials (especially needed is a trailer for delivery of compost and other large items)

All contributions are welcome and highly valued!



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